Monday, 29 November 2010

iCall iPhone VoIP App Gains 3G VoIP Calling Apple Lifts 3G VoIP Restrictions, iCall First App to Take Advantage

What with Apple having updated its iPhone developer SDK to allow for
VoIP calls over cellular networks iCall have been quick to take
advantage in now offering what they bill as the first, and presently,
the only iPhone and iPod Touch App to embrace VoIP functionality on 3G
The iCall iPhone and iPod Touch App, which is already available to
download via Apple s iTunes store (making iCall impressively quick off
the mark), is especially interesting not only thanks to offer 3G VoIP
calling but, also, as there s a strong chance that iCall will also work
with the newly unveiled Apple iPad (the iPad offers 3G " the 3G version
anyhow " and comes with both integrated microphone and speaker).
I applaud Apple's decision to allow iCall to extend its functionality
beyond Wi-Fi and onto the 3G networks, � said Arlo Gilbert, iCall s CEO.
�This heralds a new era for VoIP applications on mobile platforms,
especially for iCall and our free calling model. I hope that now more
developers will begin using our VoIP as a platform to integrate VoIP
into their applications.
The iCall iPhone and iPod Touch App is yours to download for free with a
free trial of its services but, after this trial, you have several
options such as an unlimited talk plan coming in at some $10 per month
(US/Canada) and a bill per call service though, if you are prepared to
put up with ads, you ll find yourself rewarded with free calls.
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