Monday, 29 November 2010

Sky to Broadcast 3D Premier League Live Games This Weekend Nine UK Pubs to Enjoy Live 3D Football/Soccer: Arsenal vs Manchester United

Sky is getting ready to launch its 3D sports channel in UK pubs. Like
anywhere else in the world, TV networks are starting to consider
broadcasting shows, movies and sport events in 3D. And Sky is going to
do just that starting this weekend.
The football, or soccer game, depending on where you re reading these
lines from, between Arsenal and Manchester United will be broadcasted in
3D in nine pubs in London, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh.
That s basically how Sky wants to test its 3D live coverage of football
matches and those lucky fellows going over to their favorite pub to
watch the game between these two European super clubs will be pleasantly
surprised to be able to watch the game in 3D.
However there seems to be a little problem with all this beta testing
strategy. Sky is going to mix special glasses with lots of beer and a
football game that might cause some complicated debates in those pubs.
Not exactly the perfect environment to test a new technology, is it?
Once this first test is complete, Sky is going to bring its 3D channel
to more pubs in the UK starting this April. After that the network will
make Sky 3D available to its Sky+HD customers and offer them various
programs in 3D: movies, sport, documentaries and entertainment.
In order for regular consumers to take advantage of future 3D broadcasts
they will need special TVs capable to offer 3D. Furthermore special 3D
glasses will be required to be used with those fancy new 3D TVs. So in
case you re anxious to enjoy Sky 3D when it becomes available later this
year you should go ahead and get ready to buy new TV sets for your
living rooms. Otherwise you ll have to stick to regular HD shows, which
aren t that bad, are they?
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