Monday, 29 November 2010

Motorola Google Phone Apparently Confirmed Are We Looking at the Google Nexus Two, Already?

Sick and tired to hear about the good and the bad for Apple's iPad, we
just caught wind that Motorola is apparently working on a Google phone
(dare we call it the Google Nexus Two?). Announced by the company's CEO,
Sanjay Jha, during a conference call meant to discuss their quarterly
financial results, it looks like the Google-badged smartphone will be
similar to HTC's Nexus One.
Chief exec Jha has failed to give us anything official regarding
hardware, features or just how similar the new device it's going to be
compared to the Google Nexus One, and also managed to keep tight-lipped
regarding the handset's availability.
But we can speculate. Right? Some rumors have it that the Motorola
Google Phone is going to aesthetically related to the Droid and the
MOTOROI, while other think it's going to be more like the Motorola
Shadow — that slick QWERTY slider we've been seeing around for a
while now.
Given the success the company had with the Droid, a Google Nexus Two by
Motorola would prove right not only from the user's point of view, but
from a business aspect, too.
Needless to say that we'll keep you posted when we get more on that.
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