Monday, 29 November 2010

Plen Robot Controlled by Android App Android Gains Android Control via Smartphone

There s just something beautifully poetic (from a geeky perspective
anyhow) about an android being controlled by Android and that s exactly
what s occurred thanks to an Android OS app having been developed that
will offer control of the Plen robot via your Android powered smartphone.
The Android App, which can be seen controlling a Plen robot in the video
below, communicated via Blu
etooth and can control Plen s every move allowing you to make him (it is
a him, isn t it?) walk, dance, shuffle and generally lark about to your
heart s content.
Of course, to experience the joy of controlling this particular robot
via your Android smartphone you re going to have to splash the cash to
the tune of around a considerable $3,000 and, if you re already thinking
you are up for laying out such a sum you can head over to AudioCubes who
ll happily ship a Plen to you. You ll need to act quickly though, as
only 50 Plen robots are initially being offered.
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