Monday, 29 November 2010

AT&T Imposes SMS Messaging Plans with Feature Phones AT&T Requires New Messaging Plans with Every New Feature Phone Out There

After the recent pricing war between AT T and Verizon which saw both
companies lower their unlimited voice and data plans for smartphones,
now we hear that AT T is getting ready to impose new SMS messaging plans
for all features phones it activates.
The company wants apparently to cash in on the messaging capabilities of
certain phones it sells. In fact there s a whole list of handsets that
once purchased from AT T will require you to also get a new messaging
plan. These phones include the Pantech Reveal, Pantech Impact, Motorola
Karma, Samsung Flight, Samsung impression, Samsung Magnet, Samsung
Solstice, Samsung Mythic, Samsung Propel, LG Xenon, LG Neon and LG Vu.
Whenever purchasing one of these phones you ll also have to be prepared
to pay around $20 per month for the new messaging plans. There are
various plans available at just $20 per month.The Messaging Unlimited
plan will be available for $20. With the Messaging 200 and Data
Unlimited Plan you get 200 SMS/MMS for $5 and an unlimited data plan for
$15. The Data Unlimited AT T Navigator plan will also be available for
The new pricing scheme doesn t sound that bad and it only applies to new
AT T customers that want to purchase a new �Quick Messaging � device.
Existing customers can t be forced to sign up for the new messaging
plans for their current handsets but they can rest assured that they
will be required to once they decide to upgrade their handset.
Other plans will also be available from AT T for Quick Messaging/Touch
phones so get ready to ask your local AT T representative about
specifics. Family plans for Quick Messaging devices are also going to be
offered so you ll have plenty of choices to make. After all if AT T will
force you to get a messaging and data plan why not get the one that
suits you best?
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