Monday, 29 November 2010

Armatix Handgun Comes With High Tech Safety Measures The Armatix Smartgun Can Only Be Fired By A Single User

Munich, Germany-based Armatix GmbH has developed new technology to make
our firearms safer and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.ย
The Armatix Smartgun uses a biometric radio wristwatch that acts as a
safety, preventing the gun from firing unless it is in the hands of its
approved user.
The Armatix Smartgun includes both the pistol and the wristwatch
, the latter of which is personalized to the user and accessible via a
fingerprint.ย Touch the watch's screen with the authorized fingerprint,
the watch will then unlock the gun which can fire only when in direct
proximity to the watch.ย The rear butt of the gun includes an LED
light, showing green with the gun is armed and ready to fire, and red
when the gun is locked and unauthorized for use.
Naturally, this technology could help to prevent the illegal trade of
stolen guns.ย While the Armatix Smartgun could likely be hacked, these
biometric security measures will give criminals a hard time in
attempting to re-sell a stolen firearm.ย Additionally, these safety
measures will prevent the misuse of guns at home, where pistols and
other firearms may be used by children without the approval of their
The .22 caliber Armatix Smartgun will begin shipping next month for
roughly $10,000.ย Here's to hoping this smart blend of technology can
help save a few lives and begin to blunt the efforts of illegal gun traders.
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