Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wii Classic Controller Pro To Hit Stores in April The Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro Adds Shoulder Buttons, A Touch Of Class

Nintendo has revealed a new version of the Wii Classic Controller, a
slight upgrade over the previous version in both design and
functionality.ย The Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro features a new
set of shoulder buttons and a sleek design available in either black or
The Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro adds a pair of shoulder buttons
on the front side, as well as dual-shock inspired handles that extend
from the bottom of the unit.ย The added focus on ergonomics,
console-standard buttons and the stylish black design make the leap from
the bulky, playful controllers of nintendo's past and streamlines them
in a fashion similar to the Playstation Dual Shock controllers.
The Wii Classic Controller Pro will begin shipping in April for $20 in
either black or white.ย They're also available in a bundle including
the forthcoming title Monster Hunter Tri, which can also be purchased
alone and used with the standard Wii Remote and Nunchuck.ย Wait, if the
new game works just fine with the Wiimote, why bundle it with a standard
controller that'll forego the fun of waving around the magic Wii wand?
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