Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sungworld Reveals Android-Powered MID Sungworld's 7-inch Android MID Takes Design Cues From The Apple iPhone

Sungworld, the maker of all things electronic, cheap and knocked-off of
popular devices, has revealed a 7-inch, Android-powered MID which
borrows the design of the Apple iPhone.ย The Sungworld Android MID
features a 7-inch touchscreen, an ARM926 processor and an Android UI
that has been suggested to resemble the iPhone OS.
The Sungworld 7-inch Android MI
D is not the first knock-off design that the company has released.ย
Last year, they released a $73, 7-inch netbook that resembled the
popular EEE PC, and before that the company produced a VAIO-style
notebook with a clear copy of the Sony VAIO logo.
While the designs are inspired by popular gadgets, the hardware specs
stand on their own.ย The Sungworld 7-inch Android MID features a 7-inch
touchscreen display, an ARM926 processor, 512 MB RAM, 2GB SSD, WiFi and
1080p video playback.ย Some reports even suggest that Sungworld's new
MID will feature an HDMI port for on-the-go connection to media devices
or for mobile playback of HD video on your home entertainment system.
Sungworld's iPhone-inspired MID should ship in the early part of 2010,
but pricing information has yet to hit.ย If Sungworld sticks to their
brand, it'll likely be priced somewhere between $cheap and $budget.
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