Monday, 20 September 2010

Toshiba Rx Medical Tablet Concept Shown Off Tablet For Medical Market Features Wipe-Clean Chassis and QWERTY Docking Station

Tablets have really taken off in the health care industry, and the only
place they were ever successful before manufacturers started putting
Android on them and sellin
g them as big MIDs. Designer Geoffrey Cooper has designed an incredible
looking concept device for Toshiba that would be ideal for the health
care industry.
The Toshiba Rx Medical Tablet, would feature an all-white body and a
huge multi-touch screen. The body would be wipe-clean safe, in case
some… bodily fluids were spilled on the device, it could be easily
cleaned up. It would feature a carrying handle on the back so nurses and
doctors could easily lug it around their offices.
The docking stations which would feature a full QWERTY keyboard would
replace desktop computers around the hospital as doctors and nurses
would just plug their trusty tablet companion into the docking stations
and use them in place of the desktops. No word on if Toshiba is actively
working on this concept, or if it will ever come out.
The traditional tablet PC that are running full versions of Windows
have largely been unpopular and sold poorly in the consumer space, but
they have done well in the health care enterprise field. This, of
course, has been compounded by the big push in the United States for all
health care institutions to digitize and standardize all medical records
in the country.
At any rate, the Toshiba Rx Medical Tablet is likely just a concept at
this point, and may never come out.
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