Monday, 20 September 2010

Luxurious Python iPhones For the Rich Fashionistas Python Inspired iPhone by Stuart Hughes

Remember Stuart Hughes, the Liverpool based company that has managed to
get our eyes and trash our pockets with their luxurious devices that
only the uber-rich could afford? We're talking about the iPhone 3GS
SUPREME, the solid gold PS3 SUPREME or the golden Nintendo Wii designs
that has been released last year, or Nokia Supreme, the most expensive
Nokia handset that they released this year. Well it looks like the guys
are at it again, this time pimping an iPhone with some python skin.
Not sure how appealing that's going to be for those militating for
animals rights, what we know is that Stuart Hughes has partnered with
David De Nizza of Milan and releasing a luxurious Apple handset that
features Python skin on the back of the case — expertly furnished
by hand over the original casing. On top of that, there's a 24ct gold
bezel with Swarovski crystals, sapphires and diamonds.
We use genuine Snakeskin from the Python originating from Indonesia ,
which we import using the appropriate documents(an expert permit of the
exporting country, import approval of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and
Industry) issued by authorities designated by the Washington Convention.
Although not as expensive as their previous work, the pimped iPhone will
set you backย between pound sterling1,695 and pound sterling6,495,
depending on the color as there are hundreds of choices to go with.
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