Monday, 20 September 2010

Sony Bringing TransferJet Devices To Market Super Fast Wireless Standard Coming To Digital Cameras

In 2008, Sony unveiled their new wireless standard called TransferJet
that has an incredibly short range (up to 3 cm), but an incredibly fast
speed (up to 560 Mbps). Some see TransferJet has a shot across the bow
at Bluetooth, though the range on TransferJet is way to small to compete
with Bluetooth headsets. At any rate, Sony has begun introducing digital
cameras that feature TransferJet technology.
A few other companies have signed onto the TransferJet team. While 18
big name companies have joined the TransferJet Consortium , only
Toshiba has declared they'll join Sony in producing gadgets that are
actually equipped with the powerful new tech. TransferJet may be coming
to reality as Sony now has six devices on the market that feature the
new tech.
Sony's DSC-TX7 and DSC-HX5V digital cameras will be equipped with
TransferJet. Sony has an 8GB USB thumb drive for sale, that's also
equipped with TransferJet. Sony also has three Vaio notebooks coming
that will have TransferJet built in, although only one will be released
outside Japan. The USB thumb drive will be huge, since most of us won't
rush out to buy the TransferJet-equipped Vaio notebooks.
What could the uses of TransferJet be, you ask? Well, it's true, 3 cm is
pretty tiny, but Sony and Toshiba are pushing the technology as an easy
way to transfer photos and video from your cameras and camcorders to
your computer at high speeds. Since the range is so small, security
isn't an issue and you'd imagine the TransferJet radio wouldn't use as
much power as Bluetooth.
The camera and thumb drive are now on sale, with the Vaio notebooks
coming soon. Toshiba has showed off some prototypes, but no plans for
any gadget are coming from the company.
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