Monday, 20 September 2010

OWC Mercury Extreme Enterprise SSD Revealed OWC Touts "Fastest And Most Reliable" 2.5-Inch SATA SSDs On The Market

OWC has revealed a new series of SSDs that they claim to be the fastest
and most reliable small form SATA SSDs yet.ย The OWC Mercury Extreme
Enterprise SSDs range from 50GB to 200GB and boast the max 260MBps read
and write speeds with 0.1ms latency.
The new OWC Mercury Extreme Enterprise SSDs are contained in a 2.5-inch
case, packing a range of storage options including 50GB, 100GB and
200GB.ย They feature read and write speeds up to 260MBps with 0.1ms
latency, thanks to a new SandForce processor.ย The drives also boast
100x greater data protection than the highest rate HDDs thanks to the
included error correction code (ECC) and SandForce RAISE technology.
The OWC Mercury Extreme Enterprise SSDs are available now, with a price
breakdown of $229.99 for the 50GB model, $399.99 for the 100GB version
and $779.99 for the 200GB flagship.ย While fastest and most reliable
are admirable traits, the prices are still a bit too high– and
owning an SSD is a premium alone, whether or not you have the fastest or
most reliable model.
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