Sunday, 12 September 2010

Origin Genesis Desktop Revealed High-End Boutique Desktop Is Fast, Pricey, Featuring Core i7 and Radeon 5970 graphics

Origin is a new startup boutique PC manufacturer who is offering
high-end performance machines with the best parts and awesome case paint
jobs, at a high price, of course. Their new creation, the Genesis,
combines all the best parts but comes in at a steep, steep price of
$5,000 – and that's just the starting configuration.
For processors, Origin included an Intel Core i7-920 processor, which
has been factory overclocked to (3.8GHz). The motherboard of choice is
EVGA's premium X58 board, and they've thrown 6GB of DDR3 in for good
measure. For graphics, you can't beat their solution. The ATI Radeon HD
5970 is currently the world's number one graphics card, and Origin has
included TWO of them – that's right, this system features two ATI
Radeon HD 5970 cards together in Crossfire.
For storage, they've thrown in an 80GB SSD for boot files, as well as
two 1TB HDDs for hard storage. A Blu-Ray drive is thrown in, and it'll
come with Logitech's elite gaming mouse and keyboard, the G9x and G110
– respectively. Unfortunately, the PC only has on-board audio. I'm
sure the EVGA X58 has great audio, but it's a little off-setting when a
$5,000 PC doesn't have a standalone audio solution.
The whole thing will have a water-cooling solution for the processor and
will be packing a 1200W ThermalTake PSU. The case is the Corsair
Obsidian, which has been popular with PC enthusiasts for a bit now, (I
find it a bit ugly, but each to his own). Like most of these boutique
companies, Origin is offering their own custom panic jobs.
Tech blog HotHardware put the Genesis through their benchmarking pace
and well, it's fast (as you'd expect from a $5,000 computer). For the
benchmarking nerds out there, it got a 17,000+ score on the latest
3DMark benchmark test while its Alienware contemporary got only 8,378.
Most PC gaming enthusiasts like to build their own computers – but
if for some reason you don't want to, and have $5,000, the Origin
Genesis is for you. It's now shipping.
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