Sunday, 12 September 2010

Kodak Slice Revealed Kodak Adds First Touchscreen Digital Camera, Shoots 720p HD Video

It's a bit hard to believe that camera giant Kodak, the company that
invented digital photography, has yet to produce a digital camera with a
touchscreen panel on the back, but alas, it's true. At CES earlier this
month, Kodak revealed the Slice , which'll be their first touchscreen
panel and will be capable of shooting 720p video.
The Slice is a sub-compact camera that looks very, very, thin. It
features a sexy, all-black design and sports the 3.5-inch t
ouchscreen on the back. It'll have some amount of internal memory, as
Kodak's press release says it'll hold up to 5,000 pictures, but
unfortunately, for us tech guys, they don't explicitly say, which is a
bit disappointing. Those 5,000 could all be 50 x 50,who knows.
At any rate, with a big touchscreen on the back (as big as the iPhone's,
for comparison) Kodak has thrown in the KODAK SLICE search engine, which
is pretty much a glorified photo album feature. Face tagging is also
included, so you could tag your 5,000 thumbnail sized photos, then
search them via the Kodak Slice's touchscreen and show them to friends.
On the camera side, the CCD sensor comes in at a huge 14-megapixel, and
it features a 5X Schneider Kreuznach lens (like you expected anything
different). Image stabilization is included, of course, and the Slice is
capable of shooting 720p HD video at 30 frames per second. No HDMI out,
but it's likely not a deal breaker here. Because it's so thin, the Slice
uses its own rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.
Kodak would never admit it, but it seems to me that the design goal for
this camera was smartphone, minus the phone, with a great camera . The
touchscreen is iPhone-sized, and Kodak has included a bunch of software
for searching and viewing your pictures. It will go on sale in April
2010 for $350 (a bit high for a point-and-shoot, some have said).
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