Sunday, 12 September 2010

Improv Electronics Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet Revealed Boogie Board Writing Tablet Uses Powerless LCD Display

Improv Electronics has revealed an LCD writing tablet that uses a
power-free reflex LCD to display hand-written content.ย The Improv
Electronics Boogie Board Writing Tablet is designed to replace paper as
the note pad of choice with super-efficient, power-free LCD technology.
The Improv Electronics Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet uses a technology
developed by Ohio's Kent Displays, a pressure-sensitive system that
requires no power to display hand-written notes and etchings.ย These
notes can be erased by a small battery, which can execute a total of
50,000 erase cycles without needing to be replaces.ย Compared to
standard paper, this system costs 15 times less than a sheet in a
steno notepad.
The Boogie Board writing tablet will be available for $29.95, including
those 50,000 erase cycles that compare to 50,000 sheets of paper.ย
The difference, however, is that once a page is erased, its contents are
gone forever.ย The Improv Electronics Boogie Board writing tablet does
not include a storage device, and this would obviously complicate the
technology that at present requires zero electrical energy to produce an
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