Sunday, 12 September 2010

BookBook Cover Disguises Your MacBook New Hard Shell Notebook Case Looks Like Old Book

A new notebook case isn't exactly like the regular black ones. This one
is disguised as a really old book, which, aside from looking cool,
allegedly will help you hide your laptop from potential thieves. It's
sold as an branded accessory of Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro
notebooks, and maker TwelveSouth is calling it the BookBook.
This is TwelveSouth's fou
rth MacBook product. Their earlier efforts are the BassJump, an add-on
USB subwoofer; the BookArc stand – a stand that stands your
MacBook up straight so you can more easily use it like a desktop (plug
in monitor, keyboard); and the BackPack – a small plastic shelf
that attaches to the back of your iMac or Apple Cinema Display
for… storage.
I dare say that their BookBook is the most practical. The whole case is
a hard shell, to provide some protection and the spine of the 'book' is
reinforced to give even more protection against drop shocks. Each
BookBook is actually being built by hand, so each BookBook sold will be
unique. The each corner of the BookBook has an elastic band so you can
even use your MacBook while it's covered by the BookBook.
The other selling point that TwelveSouth is pushing, aside from the hard
protective shell of the case, is the fact that it will be completely
disguised and that any would be coffee shop or dorm room thief would
think it's some old dusty tome. Of course, just hope they don't pick it
up and notice the weight distribution is off. At any rate, they're
selling 13- and 15-inch models that are designed for the MacBook and
MacBook Pro, and the extra-thin 13-inch MacBook Air will fit with some
extra space. They're selling them for $80.
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