Sunday, 12 September 2010

HTC Supersonic Unmasked with Powered Up UI HTC Supersonic Fully Revealed in First Clear Leaked Image

Earlier today we brought you what was touted as being the first true
(ie, non-faked) image of the HTC Supersonic but, let s be honest here,
the image offered little in the way of detail and, even as far as leaked
images go, was somewhat on the poor side " so how about a rather more
clear image of the HTC Supersonic which, thanks to being powered up at
the time, shows the UI in action?
There s not really anything more we can add in terms of detail than we
ve already brought you (1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 4.3 � AMOLED touchscreen
display and, of course, WiMAX support) but, hell, this image far exceeds
the former in terms of quality so, here it is
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