Sunday, 12 September 2010

Belkin TuneCast Auto Live Released in North America iPhone Friendly TuneCast Auto Live FM Transmitter with GPS Assisted Station Locator

The Belkin TuneCast Auto Live GPs assisted FM transmitter of the iPod
and iPhone, that we originally covered back in June of last year, (see:
Belkin TuneCast Auto Live for iPod/iPhone/iPod Touch GPS Assisted FM
Transmitter Gains Optimal Radio Frequencies )ย has now become available
in the North American market.
The Belkin TuneCast Auto Live has been designed specifically to be
compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 but also compatible with the iPod Touch,
iPod Classic and iPod Nano and is billed as the world s first
GPS-Assisted FM transmitter thanks to utilising the iPhones GPS
capabilities via a free App known as ClearScan Live. The result? The
Belkin TuneCast Auto Live can gain the clearest FM frequencies to lock
on to based on your current co-ordinates to ensure that you gain the
best possible signal based on your whereabouts.
Belkin TuneCast Auto Live Features:Specifically compatible with
iPhoneAlso compatible with the iPod Classic and nanoClearScan one-push
station locatorPRO setting optimizes audio and boosts volumeTwo
programmable preset buttonsHigh-contrast backlit displayIn-car charging
ClearScan Live Application Features:Activate ClearScan and utilize the
GPS capabilities of the iPhone to identify the clearest FM frequencies,
based on geographical data as well as results from other TuneCast Auto
users in the same geographical area.Contribute to the quality of
ClearScan s recommendations by rating how well specific stations work at
your current locationManually change frequencies and set favorite
channels as presets.Minimize the number of devices you interact with in
your car. Control FM transmission and music seamlessly all from the
iPhone user interface.
The Belkin TuneCast Auto Live is available as of now in the US for just
shy of a none too shabby $80.
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