Sunday, 19 September 2010

HTC Supersonic Revealed, Apparently HTC Supersonic Image Offers Purported First Glimpse of Sprint's Up & Coming Smartphone

We always run the risk of being shot down by a number of readers
whenever we offer up apparently genuine leaked imagery of gadgetry yet
to be officially unveiled but considering the interest in the HTC
Supersonic, and the source s insistence that
this is indeed the real McCoy, we felt compelled to offer up what is
purported to be the first live shot of the already much hyped HTC
Supersonic which, as you probably already know, is set to hit Sprint
sometime in the (near?) future.
Admittedly the image isn t of the greatest quality and hence offers us
little insight as to what the HTC Supersonic will bring to the table but
it is widely assumed (key word) that the HTC Supersonic will offer up
specifications similar to those of the HTC HD2 with its touchscreen
AMOLED display, purported to measure in at 4.3 �, housed in a
particularly thin body.
Additionally, for those that don t mind us reporting on speculation, the
Supersonic is said to run Android 2.1 with HTC Sense UI whilst it ll
additionally tout WiMAX capabilities " which would figure being that
the HTC Supersonic is headed to Sprint (in mind of Sprint s 4G push).
Other features yet to be officially confirmed include a 1GH Snapdragon
processor, integrated FM radio tuner and a 5 megapixel camera.
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