Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hitachi Wooo L26-HP05 & L22-HP05 LCD TVs Hitachi Announces New Wooo LCDs That Bring 250GB HDD & TV Recording

Trying not to miss anything on TV while you're at work or when going to
bed early at night, then you should know that Hitachi have updated their
Wooo LCD collection with two new HDTVs, the new L26-HP05 and the
L22-HP05. Available, as you may have noticed, as 26-inch and 22-inch
models, both panels have TV recording functions and boast a 250GB hard
drive for you to store your favorite show whenever you want.
Specs wise, both the Hitachi Wooo L26-HP05 and the L22-HP05 LCDs feature
1,368 x 768 resolutions, come with BS/110CS digital TV tuners, have DLNA
compatibility (which for Japanese customers would mean access to VOD
services like Tsutaya TV), a pretty darn good 400cd/m2 brightness and a
170 degree viewing angle. Connectivity wise the new models pack three
HDMI ports, S Video input, D4 input, and Ethernet port, along with 2 x
10W speakers.
Expected to be available in Japanese stores starting March 3rd, the new
Hitachi Wooo L26-HP05 will sell for 110,000 Yen (or $1,226 at today's
rate) and 130 000 Yen ($1,450) for the Wooo L26-HP05.
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