Friday, 10 September 2010

Bower & Wilkins 800 Diamond Series Speakers Available for Sale New 800 Diamond B&W Speakers Look Good, Sound Great But Cost Too Much

There s nothing that would go better with your LG Serie 1 Retro Classic
TV than a pair of hot, brand new speakers from Bowers Wilkins. The
company has released the new 800 Series Diamond speakers but you should
know that these speakers are just a little more expensive than you might
If you thought that the 800 Series were high-end speakers then you will
surely wonder what has B W done in order to launch an even better
speaker series.
The 800 Series Diamond has five new models for you: the 805 Diamond, the
804 Diamond, the 803 Diamond, the 802 Diamond and the 800 Diamond. The
new series also adds two dedicated centre channels for home theater use,
the HTM2 Diamond and the HTM4 Diamond.
The 805 Diamond is said to bring �this level of stunning audio
performance into the reach of many discerning listeners for the first
time. � The 804 Diamond has a similar footprint of the 805 on a stand
but it s the �smallest floorstander in the range. �
The 803 Diamond will offer you a 7-inch bass driver as opposed to the
802 Diamond s twin 8-inch and it will deliver a �more conservative
taste of the benefits of the 800 Series Diamond s range-topping models.
� The 802 Diamond comes with a reduced footprint ready to fit into most
living rooms out there and it will offer you a better bass performance
thanks to the new voice coil and bass realignment features.
The 800 Diamond is the flagship speaker of the new series and it s said
to offer you a �fuller, more consistent bottom end performance.
Are you ready for pricing details yet? Well here s what you ll have to
pay for them:800 Diamond $24,000 per pair 802 Diamond $15,000 per pair
803 Diamond $10,000 per pair 804 Diamond $7,500 per pair 805 Diamond
$5,000 per pair HTM2 Diamond $5,000 each HTM4 Diamond $2,500 each
What will you choose?
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