Friday, 10 September 2010

Bang & Olufsen 46-inch BeoVision 10-46 LCD Announced High-end BeoVision 10-46 LCD Won't Come Cheap

Right after hearing how much the Python pimped iPhone is going to cost
(at least you'll be showing off while calling your mom on the tube),
here's a new high-end device that will probably have you selling your
organs to bring one home — the new BeoVision 10-46 LCD that has
been introduced today as a larger counterpart to the company's already
spectacular 40-inch BeoVision 10.
Boasting the same brushed aluminum frame, an amazing 200Hz refresh rate
and LED backlight, other than caring about aesthetics, the 46-inch
wall-mounted LCD flat screen packs a set of high-end, bottom mounted
Bang Olufsen speakers for a much better audio experience than your
regular TV set.
The new Bang Olufsen BeoVision 10-46 is a premium product. It should
be available in selected markets sometime this April, so if you're an
HDTV buff with style and taste, better start saving as the 40-inch
version was selling for some $8,700 (in Europe) when released, last
fall. At least it's going to blend amazingly well with your contemporary
living room.
Don't you think?
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