Thursday, 23 September 2010

Apple Tablet Won't Bring Flash Support or a Kickstand iPad Runs Out of the Box Native iPhone Apps

Although it sounds like Apple's most amazing device ever released, the
iPad has its drawbacks. First thing to complain about is the fact that
the iPad won't bring Adobe Flash support which means that you won't get
to enjoy rich media although they say, and I quote, it deli
vers the best web experience you've ever had. Quite a deal breaker, if
you ask me!
Another thing that would make some grumpy, the slick Apple tablet won't
come with a built-in kickstand to hold it up — which for the
average John and Mary, means that the iPad cares more about aesthetics
than your wrists. Of course you don't have to worry about it, as unlike
Flash support, third-party peripherals makers will come up with
something as soon as possible.
But enough talking about the bad aspects of the iPad, we certainly need
to give Caesar what's Caesar's, so here's a white ball from TFTS for
running out of the box native iPhone apps — really cool news for
developers, isn't it?
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