Thursday, 23 September 2010

Apple Tablet: Apple iPad To Boast Major Gaming Capabilities Gameloft, EA Prepare iPad For Gaming

Apple announced their new iPad Tablet today as we covered it from the
safety of the TFTS War Room. Gaming on the Tablet was strongly rumored
to be strong, and both EA and Gameloft showed off exciting new games for
the iPad. It appears that the iPad will feature much more hardware
horsepower than its smaller iPhone brother.<

Gameloft showed off an impressive first personย shooter, called Nova,
that ran on the iPad and used your finger tips and a graphic
drawing-type mechanic to 'shoot' the bad guys. While the graphics
weren't obviously on par with something like Crysis, they easily were
better than most of the iPhone games we've seen.
Electronic Arts was on hand as well, and showed off an impressive
version of Need For Speed Shift, the racing game. Again, it pushed the
graphics a lot faster than they've gone before, and the game used both
the multi-touch power of the screen, and the iPad's accelerometer.
As covered earlier, the iPad will also be able to run iPhone
applications out of the box, so all of the great iPhone games will run
on the device as well. But certainly, with a bigger screen, the iPad can
offer a different gaming experience vs. the iPhone.
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