Monday, 20 September 2010

Apple Tablet News: Apple Patent for Tablet Proximity Detector Granted Tablet Patents Show On Screen Keyboard, Hints at Non Contact Control

We ll make no apology for hitting you thick and fast with any news
pertaining to the expected official unveiling of the Apple Tablet later
today and, to that end, we
can report that it has now transpired that Apple has been granted
patents concerning a table proximity sensor just ahead of the expected
official launch of what has to be one of the most widely anticipated
gadget release of recent years (of all time?).
In all 13 new patents have just been awarded to Apple, the most
interesting of which is the aforementioned tablet proximity sensor that
would allow for said tablet to sense objects such as fingertips and
styluses to be acknowledged without having to touch the device s screen.
In other words, actual contact is not required for the device to
recognise, say, a control input or user interaction.
Other patents just awarded to Apple include the apparatus and method for
rotating the display orientation of a captured image, a video
conferencing system, a color management system and automatic detection
of channel bandwidth.
The mind boggles.

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