Monday, 20 September 2010

Apple iPad to Use Micro SIM for 3G Connectivity What Is a Micro SIM & Why Do I Need It?

Apple s iPad is indeed a revolutionary device that will inspire others
to create similar products. It remains to be seen if we really need this
kind of a mobile device in our lives. Can it really complement our
smartphones and laptops? Or is Apple simply trying to squeeze some more
money from its faithful customers through other channels?
The iPad has been conceived to answer to our various needs during the
regular day but it would be a worthless machine without its Internet
connection. After all we need Internet to buy stuff from iTunes, the App
Store and the iBook Store. We need an active connection to check the
news and write emails. Therefore an iPad without Internet can basically
be used as a really expensive digital picture frame.
Besides 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity the iPad will come with 3G support.
AT T will be the official provider in the USA while international deals
will be announced this summer. But in order to take advantage of those
cheap 3G data plans we need to insert a SIM card in the iPad.
And since the iPad is so thin it looks like Apple decided to go for a
new Sim card, the �micro SIM � card. Do you really need it? Well I have
just explained that the iPad is not worth buying unless you know you ll
always have at least a Wi-Fi connection present. If you want 3G support
too then you d better make sure your carrier supports micro SIM cards.
The 3FF SIM card, or the micro SIM, is 52% smaller than a regular SIM
card so instead of a 15 x 25mm card you get a 12 x 15mm one. It s still
a GSM SIM so it will work in most markets.
For some reason Apple found regular SIM cards too big for the iPad which
is really weird since the iPhone, a much smaller device can perfectly
fit a regular SIM inside. Or maybe size doesn t matter. What matters is
that the iPhone can fit any SIM card, not only from AT T. But what if
the competition doesn t have micro SIM cards? In other words the iPad
will be available unlocked but not every carrier in the world will
actually have 3FF SIM cards for it. Just the ones signing partnerships
with Apple for the iPad.
It will be interesting to see if International carriers are ready to
invest in new micro SIM cards for their future iPad customers. And by
the way, your regular SIM cards won t fit inside, just in case you ll
want to try one.
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