Friday, 10 September 2010

Acer to Launch eReader, Chrome-based Netbook, Tablet & App Store This Year Acer Plans for 2010 Include Tablets, eReaders, Chrome OS and Applications

Acer is about to have an extremely busy year. While no actual products
have been named yet, we heard that Acer wants to launch a couple of new
gadgets this year besides its regular plethora of computers, laptops,
phones and other useful devices.
According to Bloomberg, Acer is developing both a tablet and an eBook
reader and it s also focusing on the implementation of a personal
application store. Furthermore Acer is ready to take the bull by the
horns and we might see a Chrome OS-running netbook coming out before the
year s end.
The app store and the eReader should be here in the first half of the
year while the Chrome OS netbook will only be available at some point in
the third quarter. But Acer expects to sell 1 million Chrome OS-based
computers this year which is a very bold move. The Acer tablet might be
announced only at some point after Apple unveils its tablet and Acer
might �work either in the Windows world or in the Google s definite OS
space. �
Acer is the world s second-largest computer vendor but that s apparently
not good enough for them. The company wants to improve its current
performance and it s ready to enter some markets that belong, at least
so far, to Apple and Amazon.
Apple has the App Store which became a model for many of its rivals.
Acer will develop its own store in the near future although there s no
clear indication of how it will work and what we will find inside. The
report suggests that Acer will offer Android, Windows Mobile and Chrome
OS applications, which sounds particularly interesting considering that
both Google and Microsoft already have their own app stores too.
Amazon on the other hand is the king of content for eBook readers, a
position that s not likely to concede without a fierce battle. Acer is
ready to develop its own eReader and it will definitely have to work
hard to impress the masses. We already have all those Kindles out there
and the nook is not too shabby itself. Not to mention that CES 2010
revealed lots of upcoming eReaders, some more interesting than others.
Naturally you can expect us to cover all Acer s upcoming gadgets as soon
as the company is ready to launch them.
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