Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Monsoon Volcano Uncovered Placeshifting Box Can Push HD Video, DLNA, UPnP Compatible

Monsoon Multimedia is planning to release their newest placeshifting
box, the Volcano, and does a few things that Sling Media does in
multiple boxes. Their current line of Hava devices is similar to
Slingcatchers in that they receive and send out your content over the
internet, but the Volcano will be offer more features and imported
The first notable change in the Volcano is that unlike the current Hava
devices, the Volcano will be able to push video in HD, 720p to be exact.
ntly, you can view your pushed content on a ton of platforms, including
Windows, Mac OS X, and on the mobile side, the iPhone, Symbian, Windows
Mobile, and (coming soon) BlackBerry and Android phones.
In addition to catching and sending content, the Volcano will also act
as a streaming media set-top box, where it will be able to playback
content onto your TV. Stored media can be accessed via USB or eSATA
ports, and the device also supports UPnP and DLNA standards. They've
also got an online video platform. It isn't as fully developed as Boxee
or Roku right now, and only supports YouTube and CinemaNow, but expect
that to change as time goes on.
Another plus, your stored media can even be streamed out onto the
internet the way the Volcano would send your placeshifted DVR content,
so you can watch your own saved media files on the go. In addition to
all that, the Volcanoes will be able to integrate with each other
– you can easily stream content from any Volcano in the house to
another, so you can get one DVR from your TV service provider and use a
Volcano on every TV in your house, which I'm sure the providers will
love. At any rate, the Monsoon Volcano will be coming in March of this
year, with a starting price of $200. Higher-end units with onboard hard
drives will be sold for more money.
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