Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Vodafone UK Samsung Genio Slide Availability Confirmed Samsung Genio Slide (CorbyPro B5310) Given Free on Contract With Vodafone UK

Vodafone UK have just announced today that Samsung's Genio Slide mobile
phone is now available for free to those willing to sign a two year
contract with the British carrier that will set you back at least pound
sterling15 per month, or a 18-months contract that starts from pound
sterling25 per month.
Known as Samsung CorbyPro B5310 in other parts of the world, the Genio
Slide boasts a 2.8 inch QVGA touchscreen, a sliding QWERTY keyboard that
seems to ease typing, HSDPA (up to 7.2Mbps) and Wi-Fi connectivity and a
built-in GPS. Other than that, the new handset — which by the way
is aimed at youngsters, brings social networking site access for
Facebook Twitter, a 3 megapixel camera, 120MB of internal memory and a
microSD card slot that allows up to 16GB more storage space.
Definitely not a groundbreaking model, we'd be less harsh with the new
Samsung Genio Slide if at least it would bring dual SIM support.
Vodafone UK has exclusivity rights on the Genio Slide for one month in
the UK, before other operators.
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