Wednesday, 11 August 2010

LG VS750 Release Date Expected on AT&T & Verizon LG VS750 Seen as Successor to GM750, Expected to Debut Soon

Our TFTS ninjas have just managed to find out today some leaked
documents on the GSM Global Certification forum, hinting to a debut for
LG's new VS750 handset on Big Red and AT T. Seen as the Verizion version
of the LG GM750, if we're to believe our sources the new VS750
smartphone will have support for quad-band GSM networks and for the
850MHz HSDPA band, the one that AT T uses.
Coming in as a Windows Mobil 6.5 variant (just like its older brother
the GM750) the new LG VS750 is a really thin smartphone that features
the company's cool S-Class 3D user interface and has global roaming
support (CDMA/GSM). Although there are no other specs to report on, we
do remember that the GM750 features a 3-inch touchscreen display with
240 x 400 pixels, a 5 megapixel camera, an optical joystick to make
navigation easier and Wi-Fi connectivity.
No word when Verizon or AT T will carry the VS750 or how much the end
user will get to spend for it.
Note, image above is of an LG GM750. Given all the similarities it
sounded about right to use it in here.
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