Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Verizon iPhone to be Announced Together with Apple Tablet and iPhone OS 4.0? Apple iSlate / iTablet / iPad Heading to Verizon, AT&T or Both

We have some more Apple tablet related rumors and some of them are
pretty far-fetched. But then again we don t really expect rumors to be
all that realistic, do we?
First off we re talking about a Verizon iPhone that s about to be
unveiled next month. According to Canccord Adams analyst Peter Misek,
the iPhone 4G is heading to Verizon and it s going to be announced at
the Apple tablet event next Wednesday. Sure that sounds very interesting
but we won t probably see an iPhone 4G next week. I d say that the
tablet should really be the star of the show and not share the spotlight
with the iPhone 4G. While some will say that introducing iPhone OS 4.0
could suggests talks about the upcoming next-gen iPhone I still think
the two devices deserve separate events.
Apple s �come and see our latest creation � event will definitely focus
on the tablet and this is where things get interesting. Apple might
announce its carrier partners in the USA. The device is suspected to be
available through Verizon, AT T or both for subsidized prices if bundled
with 3G mobile broadband plans.
AT T told regional executives that it is preparing the network for
�unannounced devices. � Are we talking about the same network that s
simply not good enough for all that iPhone generated traffic? Is AT T
ready to offer 3G data plans to future tablet owners? Would customers
still go to AT T for such plans?
AT T needs to invest $5 billion more in wireless infrastructure in order
to reach Verizon s �coverage and reliability, � according to some
analysts. Will they be able to do so by the time the tablet comes?
Verizon on the other hand should be good and ready to offer the tablet
to its customers. We only need Apple to think similarly, but why shouldn
t it? After all Apple will make a profit of the future iSlate, iPad or
iTablet, whatever its name is, no matter who sells it for them.
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