Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Olympus Reveals Nine New Point-And-Shoot Cameras Olympus' New Cameras Feature HD Video Recording, HDMI out, Wild Colors

Not all of us can figure out SLR cameras and their lens and moment of
expose and all that. For us photography simpletons, Olympus revealed
nine new point-and-shoot models earlier this month at CES. They'll vary
in sophistication and price, with the cheapest one coming in at $261.
The first line of cameras is the ยต-series. It'll come in five models,
each with a differing zoom, but all the same digital sensor. All four
cameras will sport a 14-megapixel sensor, while the ยต-9010 will sport
10x zoom, the ยต-7040 and ยต-7030 will support 7x zoom and the ยต-5010
will support 5x zoom.
All five models will support image stabilization and HD movie recording
– albeit at 720p. They've even included an HDMI-out port for
playing back your HD movies on a bigger screen. I don't see the point if
it's only 720p, but maybe I'm cynical. In addition to the generous 2GB
of internal memory, there is also a SD card slot on these cameras.
Olympus' press release suggests: Slip a stylish ยต out of your cocktail
bag or jacket breast pocket and prepare to impress with one of the world
s smallest zoom power packages.
At the other end of the spectrum is Olympus' FE series of cameras.
Considerably cheaper than their ยต big brothers, they have the same
14-megapixel sensor, but they cut out the HD video, HDMI port, and
on-board storage (unless you count the 18MB). The FE cameras will come
in a wide variety of colors and Olympus is keeping their operation
simple with one button – one function as a motto.
All cameras will be out in March of this year, with the ยต Series
starting at $326 and the FE Series starting at $261.
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