Wednesday, 4 August 2010

LG 19-Inch ePaper Display Prototype Revealed LG Teases A Large Format ePaper That's Only .3mm Thick

LG Display has revealed a new prototype ePaper device that could signal
an entrance into the eReader market.ย The LG 19-inch ePaper Display
Prototype brings the traditional, flexible feel of real paper to the
world of large-format e-reader devices.
The LG 19-inch ePaper Display Prototype is flexible, thin and light,
using a metal foil as a skin that also retracts the unit to its original
shape.ย The prototype is a display only
, meaning that the unit does not have a built-in processor, input device
or storage– meaning that a production version of LG's ePaper
prototype would need added hardware that would add weight and size to
this 4.6 ounce, .3mm thick display.
Flexible e-reader devices are not a new technology, as products like the
Skiff Reader and others made their debut at CES 2010.ย The 19-inch
ePaper prototype by LG is of a much larger scale, increasing on the 8.5
x 11-inch standard for large e-readers with a flexible 19-inch
whopper.ย We're not certain if this prototype's size or its flexibility
would bare real value to consumers, or if both could end up as more of
an annoyance than a benefit.ย LG Display hasn't discussed whether this
prototype will end up in a marketed product, but it does suggest that LG
has invested some serious capital into e-reader and epaper R D.
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