Wednesday, 4 August 2010

ATI Adding Radeon HD 5670 New Mid-Range Card Will Appeal To Budget-Market, DirectX 11, Eyefinity Ready

ATI has added a new card to their lineup, the Radeon HD 5670 will be
another mid-range card in their current-generation of the 5000 series.
The GPU will contend with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 in price, and like
the other 5000 series cards, it's capable of DirectX 11 and Eyefinity.
The card's pricepoint will be sub-$100, making it one of the cheaper
DirectX 11 cards out there. Of course, only about four games currently
support DirectX 11, but it'll be nice in the future. The card is also
compatible with Windows 7 and
offers ATI's new ATI Stream technology.
ATI Stream helps speed up video transcoding and video playback features.
While it may not be a huge future if you're purely a gaming junkie,
Stream should help Photoshop, Flash and Premier Pro users who do a lot
of editing. All this, of course, is following the trend where GPUs are
capable of doing more and more than just rendering video for gaming.
ATI's Eyefinity is also supported in the 5670 card, which is support for
three monitors. Internet reports on the Eyefinity technology have ranged
from greatest thing since sliced bread to buggy, doesn't work . AMD
and ATI took the time in the 5670 press release to also declare that
they've shipped their 2 millionth DirectX 11-capable GPU.
Of course, that comes as a dig at rival NVIDIA, who's own consumer
DirectX 11 line of graphics card has been severely delayed and pushed
back to March 2010. If you're interested in purchasing the new ATI
Radeon HD 5670 card, it should start hitting your favorite computer
parts supplier soon, with a sub-$100 price.
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