Wednesday, 11 August 2010

HTC x Google Tablet PC Release Date Postponed Is the HTC Tablet Really Dead?

Right after the New Year's Eve we caught wind that HTC (together with
Google) is going jump on the tablet PC bandwagon and will privately take
the wraps off an Android-running device, for the company's business
partners, during CES 2010. And although rumors had it that a press
release was expected to take place place later on to give us more info
regarding specs and features, today we can finally confirm that the
cellphone giant won't manufacture a tablet and has abandoned plans for one.
According to HTC's sales and marketing director, Anthony Petts, the
company is more interested in focusing their efforts on a new
generation of mobile phones including new offerings running Android;
which is why leaving the tablet project behind, makes more sense now.
But also making sense is the fact that they're venturing into a new
world and that development budgets have downsized as of late, which is
why HTC could be delaying the whole project until the iTablet (Apple's
creation) gets announced — probably next week, and the new Chrome
OS is out, to see if they really have something in there.
So what do you think about a HTC branded tablet PC? Does it have a
chance to hit considering the fact that HTC will play hard ball to come
up with a relatively cheap price for it?
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