Wednesday, 11 August 2010

GammaTech Durabook D-14 E-Series Revealed GammaTech's New Durabook Boasts 1TB Of Storage And A Rugged-Ready Build

GammaTech has updated their Durabook line of rugged laptops with a new
model that has broken the terabyte barrier.ย The GammaTech Durabook
D-14 E-Series Notebook offers 1TB of HDD storage space in a rugged-ready
build to survive the toughest of working conditions.
The GammaTech Durabook D-14 E-Series is the latest piece of hardware
from GammaTech, whose Durabook line has become a popular option for use
in dangerous environments.ย The new Durabook D-14 features 1TB of
storage space, an upgrade over prior Durabooks whose HDD offering was
160GB.ย Beyond the storage capacity, this E-Series Durabook offers an
Intel Core 2 Duo processor (press release denotes greater than 2GHz ),
RAM options up to 8GB, and a 14.1-inch display.
The magnesium alloy build of the GammaTech Durabook D-14 E-Series can
handle bumps, scrapes and drops, designed to be a computing workhorse in
industrial environments, construction settings or in the field.ย While
this will operate just fine in a casual office, it is intended to be
used in taxing conditions.ย With that, the 1TB of storage space is a
nice upgrade, but we're a bit surprised that rugged notebook
manufacturers aren't offering built in 3G or WiMax options.ย They're
on-the-go devices by nature, so an on-the-go wireless technology might
put these over the top.
The new GammaTech Durabook D-14 E-Series rugged notebooks will likely
begin shipping later this year, but a price has yet to be announced.ย
The previous Durabook was available for $1,500, so it's likely the D-14
will fall slightly above that range.
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