Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Apple Tablet Looks Like First-Gen iPhone? Apple Tablet to Feature Aluminum Unibody Design, Home Button & Volume Toggle

Last time we spoke about the iPhone on steroids Apple tablet we referred
more to the OS that s going to bring everything to life inside the
machine than to actual design features. Sure we had the supposed leaked
picture of the tablet s case but that picture still needs to be confirmed.
Truth being said, I wasn t expecting the tablet to be a 100% iPhone
replica. Whenever rumors said that the tablet was going to be similar to
the iPhone I simply thought that any square-shaped tablet with rounded
corners and a touchscreen will basically look like an iPhone. But it
seems that the tablet will indeed be exactly like an iPhone and although
boring to some, the already famous design could make the new device very
popular among iPhone fans.
Recent rumors say that the tablet will look like a first-generation
iPhone. The iSlate / iPad / iTablet will feature a thin aluminum
unibody, which isn t really surprising, and all the original buttons
found on the iPhone: the home button, the volume toggle and probably the
on/off switch too. Now I don t really know if we will really need all
those buttons in the first place. After all we will have lots of virtual
buttons to play with, won t we?
Other iPhone design features will also be included: 3.5mm stereo
headphone jack , built-in speaker grills, microphone and a 30-pin dock
connector. The 10-inch touchscreen display will be surrounded by the
black border we ve gotten used to already and wrapped around it we ll
find an aluminum enclosure.
With a little under a week to go until Apple launches the tablet we have
lots of rumors to think about. Some of them will turn out true but since
it s impossible for everything that was written about the tablet to be
right, we will also be a little disappointed as the first-gen tablet
gets unveiled. I am not saying the tablet won t be a hit product because
it s very likely that it will. At this point I am just concluding that
with each day that goes by we build more and more expectations regarding
a device that could prove to be the best gadget of 2010.
Will you buy an Apple tablet this year?Picture from Flickr
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