Thursday, 17 June 2010

Windows Mobile 7 Coming to MWC 2010? Microsoft to Showcase Windows Mobile 7 in February According to Rumors

Well, this is totally unexpected is it? I mean sure we all want to see
Windows Mobile 7 in action and kicking butt. After all, as much as we
love Android, we can t let it take over the mobile world tha
t easily, can we? Yesterday s rumors said that Windows Mobile 7 might be
too shy to be presented at MWC 2010. Today we find out that the new
mobile OS from Redmond might be indeed showcased next month.
Naturally Microsoft will not confirm anything, and why would they? But
with iPhone 4.0 supposedly coming in the near future, and with Android
being on everyone s lips, Steve Ballmer and Co. simply have to step up
and show us something. People say that Windows Mobile 6.6 aka the
Maldives is coming at MWC 2010 and it s bringing native capacitive
touchscreen support. Well we re happy for that but version 6.6 will
simply not do. We need more; we need better stuff than that!
Even if Windows Mobile 7 will only be launched in December 2010, it will
be a mistake not to present it now. Windows Mobile enthusiasts will
surely want to know that their favorite OS in the whole wide world is on
track for a 2010 release.
Today s rumors also talk about some of the features of the new mobile
OS. Windows Mobile 7 is supposed to bring us gesture control just like
we re going to see in Project Natal, also from Micrsoft, later this
year. Furthermore, in order to take advantage of Windows Mobile 7 you
will have to get a new phone with better hardware ready to support the
new OS.
Well isn t that a nice trick for convincing manufacturers to make some
hot new devices for us. That way both Microsoft and the manufacturers
will benefit financially. And hopefully future Windows Mobile 7
customers will also get some great and properly functional gadgets.
Here s what future Windows Mobile 7 phones should offer:
ARM v6+ processor, with an Open GL ES 2.0-capable graphics chip-this may
be the TI3430 or the Nvidia Tegra. To show all the eye candy there will
be a 3.5 800 x 480 or 854 x 480 pixels touchscreen. The specification
also points out at other things in Pink, like 3-megapixel camera, GPS,
light sensor, 3-axis compass, accelerometer, USB, Bluetooth, and full
Wi-Fi support.
Anyone excited?
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