Sunday, 6 June 2010

Vizio 3D HDTVs Detailed Vizio Expands On Its XVT Pro Line of 3D HDTVs, HDMI 1.3, BlueTooth

Vizio showed off it's line of 3D HDTV's at CES this year. Dubbed the XVT
Pro line, it'll feature three new large HDTVs that are filled with
high-end audio/video ports and will satisfy you when Avatar comes to
Blu-Ray. The new TVs will come in three sizes – 47-inch, 55-inch
and 72-inch.
All three will support some of the newest HDTV features that you can
find, including on-board applications, and wireless HDMI. Other features
include five HDMI 1.3 ports, WiFi and Bluetooth. Of course, the big draw
is the 3D mode – which all three TVs will support as well. Each of
the TV's will include a QWERTY keyboard, which will be useful when using
the TV's apps.
For the AV nerds, the big 72-inch model will offer 480 zones of
localized dimming, while the 55-inch will offer 120 zones and the 47
will offer 160 zones. For those interested, the 72-inch will cost you
$3499, the 55-inch will cost you $3499 and the 47-inch will cost $1999.
Unfortunately for perspective buyers, these models won't be shipping
until August of this year.
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