Sunday, 6 June 2010

ASUS Bamboo U53 Notebook New Notebook Uses Bamboo In Construction, Less Plastic

One of the big products that ASUS is showing off at CES is their new
Bamboo line of notebook computers. The first one, U53, features a
nature-inspired bamboo design that looks great and, according to ASUS,
will help the environment as the bamboo parts are replacing plastic in a
production line.

As for the specs, it'll be a decent computer. Buyers will have a choice
of five Intel Core series processors, topping out at the Core i5-540M
(clocked at 2.53GHz). You'll be able to order up to 4GB of DDR3 memory,
and NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics. It'll come with Windows 7 and feature
a 15-inch screen. A Blu-Ray drive will come standard and users can
upgrade to a 640GB hard drive.
No word on pricing yet, but this is supposedly just the beginning of
ASUS' bamboo line. Two other notebooks were seen at CES, and a netbook
line of bamboo netbooks was featured. For those that care, ASUS is
making sure that the bamboo is specially cleaned and clear of any
parasites before building it into your netbook. No word on pricing or
availability – but rumors from last July on a bamboo computer had
these notebooks costing quite a premium.
Thanks to Gizmodo for the pictures.
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