Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Silver PAC SilverSTAT 7 Announced Silver PAC's SilverSTAT 7 Provides Smart, Wireless Control Of A Home Climate

Silver PAC has announced a new smart thermostat with a detailed
graphical display to manage both home temperature and energy
consumption.ย The Silver PAC SilverSTAT 7 provides a lush, graphic
display of temperature and energy use data with a wireless connection
for mobile management of your home's climate.
The Silver PAC SilverSTAT 7 is a welcome advance to the thermostats of
yesteryear, which provided little more than a home's current
temperature.ย SilverSTAT 7 is more of a progressive home climate
system, in that it merges information about forecasted weather, a user's
custom home climate preferences and energy consumption throughout a
cycle.ย Users can set a custom climate cycle for up to 7 day periods
that will manage a home's temperature while limiting its energy use.
The Silver PAC SilverSTAT 7 features a 7-inch LCD display and runs on a
basic version of Windows (Windows CE 6.0 R3) with a pretty UI.ย Users
can store their climate profiles on the unit's built in 64MB RAM or its
128MB flash storage, and can monitor and control the SilverSTAT's
settings on a home wireless network.ย SilverSTAT 7 is planned for a
June release, yet price information has not yet been revealed.

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