Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Google Nexus One Available from Vodafone Germany in February Google Nexus One to Sell for €149.90 with New Vodafone Contracts

Vodafone has been rumored for a while now to bring the Google Nex
us One to places it hasn t already boldly gone to. The phone has been
launched in the U.S., UK, Hong Kong and Singapore so far but customers
in other markets are waiting impatiently for it despite whatever 3G
troubles it might currently be going through.According to a recent leak,
Vodafone Germany is going to bring the Nexus One to its customers in
February. Once on European soil the Nexus One will be priced in Euro and
I guess that most people will want to stay away of the contract-free
price. Sure $530 sounds very affordable, especially if you want to avoid
those extra ETFs but when you translate that in Euros, some people might
not be so happy about it.
Vodafone Germany hasn t officially launched the Nexus One yet but the
contract price has been leaked already. The handset is supposed to cost
โ�EUR149.90 or about $217 as long as you re ready to ink a new 2-year
Vodafone agreement.
If that s going to be indeed the Nexus One price in Germany it s likely
that other markets in the European Union to adopt similar pricing
schemes. However we have no signs from any carriers just yet so if
Germany is not your home then you ll have to wait some more for the
Nexus One to become available. We re also expecting Google to sell the
phone on its own in various markets but it will take a while until
Google sets everything up.
In the mean time we can only expect the Nexus One to sell better and
better. According to reports Google moved only about 20,000 handsets in
the first week which is an impressive number for Google s first handset
but definitely not comparable with the first week of other hot phones
like the Motorola Droid or the iPhone 3GS. What do you say? Will you
purchase a Google Nexus One?

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