Tuesday, 1 June 2010

RCA Airnergy Charger WiFi HotSpot Power Harvester Revealed RCA's Amazing Airgerny Charger Harvests Power From Ambient WiFi Signals

RCA has released an amazing piece of technology that was lost in the
flurry of e-reader and 3DTV news at this year's CES show in Las Vegas.ย
The RCA Airnergy WiFi HotSpot Power Harvester turns ambient wifi signals
into electrical energy that is stored on the unit's internal battery.ย
In short, Airnergy gives you free energy to charge your gadgets.
In the developed world, you can't walk through an urban center without
weaving through a web of wireless signals.ย WiFi is everywhere, either
secured or unsecured, and those signals carry power whether you're
connected or not.ย RCA has developed a new technology that can actually
harvest this free energy and either store it or transfer it to your
gadgets.ย The RCA Airnergy WiFi HotSpot Power Harvester collects power
from wireless signals based on proximity to the wireless base and the
number of signals in its path.ย According to OhGizmo, RCA was able to
charge a BlackBerry from 30% to full in about 90 minutes, using nothing
but ambient WiFi signals as a power source.
CES 2010 didn't bring tech revolutions with Pine Trail netbooks,
flexible e-readers, tablets or 3D displays, but by this little device
that could bring free energy to the wireless world.
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