Tuesday, 1 June 2010

HP Envy 13 & Envy 15 Notebooks Get Updated Envy 13 & Envy 15 Price Tags Dropping Significantly

Lightweight and heavyweight is what HP called their Envy 13 and the HP
Envy 15 when first re
leased. Today however things are staying the same, except for the part
that both laptops are now significantly cheaper, yet featuring some
pretty sweet specs that promise to get to your heart right away.
Off the two, the new HP Envy 15 is a 15-incher that now runs Windows 7
Home Premium (64-bit), features a full HD 15.6-inch Ultra Brightview
high-def display, an Intel 2.4GHz Core i5-520M processor under the hood,
4GB of DDR3 memory and a sweetl 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5830 graphics
card — the ones that AMD have just unveiled today as the first
DX11 cards for notebooks.
As for its younger sibling the HP Envy 13 it processes everything on a
1.6GHz Core 2 Duo SL9300 CPU, renders graphics from an ATI Mobility
Radeon HD 4330 (512MB) card and draws power from a 4-cell battery pack.
Available as you read, the Envy 15 starts from $1,299 (down from $1,699)
while the Envy 13 will sell for North of $1,499 (down from $1,799).
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