Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ion iDiscover Keyboard Revealed The Ion iDiscover Music Keyboard Dock Brings Music Control To iPhone And iPod Touch

Ion Audio has revealed a music keyboard which will dock with an iPhone
or iPod Touch to bring piano key music control to Apple iPhone apps.ย
The Ion iDiscover keyboard is a 25-k
ey MIDI keyboard designed to work specifically with the Apple iPhone as
its app-based musical heartbeat.
The Ion iDiscover keyboard features 25-keys, pitch and mod wheels and 8
preset buttons for a wide range of manual music control.ย The unit
docks with the iPhone and iPod Touch, and is designed to interface with
various iPhone apps that can be controlled by MIDI or such a
dock-connected unit.ย When you're no longer on-the-go and near to your
PC or Mac computer, the unit will connect via USB for continued music
At present, the number of iPhone apps that allow MIDI or dock control
are very limited, to the point that Ion Audio will need to work
proactively with the development community to develop apps for this
product specifically.ย Additionally, the size of the unit is a bit
cumbersome for mobile music making.ย 25-key USB keyboard controllers
are available in lower-profile units, and until there is a healthy
amount of app partners for this device, a standard mini keyboard
controller may be a better bet.
Pricing or release dates for the Ion iDiscover music keyboard have not
yet been set.ย The unit will be shown at NAMM 2010 in Anaheim,
California this week, and more information is likely to come.
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