Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Dual-Core iPhone 4G Rumored to Arrive in April? Report Suggests that Next-gen iPhone Could be Launched Earlier Than Expected

I don t know about you folks, but a dual-core iPhone sounds pretty
sweet. That doesn t necessarily mean that the next iPhone version, which
I like to refer to as the iPhone 4G, will sport indeed a dual-core
processor. Nevertheless reports talk about
such a new iPhone and, what s even more amazing about them, is that they
say the new Apple handset is coming in April.Surprisingly it s not
Orange that s talking about an upcoming device now but its KT officials,
the iPhone carrier in South Korea. Apparently they said that a new
iPhone is on the way, we already knew that, but they also mentioned
April as a potential launch date. I say that s highly unlikely to happen
since it s not the Apple thing to do. The phone will probably be
launched this summer but I d love to be wrong.
The new phone should come with an OLED screen, video chat support which
means a second camera is going to be present, in improved camera for
better daily pictures, removable battery and most importantly, dual-core
processors running the whole show.
It looks like KT wants to already sell the device as early as April to
corporate clients. So basically regular folks like you and I will have
to wait until late this year to get it.
We don t have any pictures of the upcoming iPhone yet but I m sure that
�leaked � pics will appear all over the web the closer we get to the
actual iPhone launch.
The rumor brigade is marching on and more and more unofficial details
are added to the iPhone. I m sure I ll add to this in the future but so
far we have a dual GSM/CDMA, LTE-capable, dual-core iPhone 4G coming to
both Verizon and AT T and sporting features like a new graphic chip,
OLED touchscreen, removable battery, two cameras, iPhone OS 4.0
�fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse
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