Tuesday, 15 June 2010

forChan Image Browser Banned from the App Store Other Browsers to Follow Soon?

Yesterday I was writing about a porn-related application, forChan, that
got approved and therefore was available to download from the official
App Store. In the same article I was telling you that I expect the app
to be banned very soon and that has already happened.Today I won t be
defending porn apps nor encourage you
to develop or use them on your smartphones. No matter what one does in
the privacy of his or her own home, a certain decency line has to be
maintained when it comes to accessing porn on devices that are mostly
used in public places.
With that in mind I ll tell you again how we can t appreciate the
rulings of the App Store �keepers. � They have deleted another app
after previously being approved. Why did they approve forChan in the
first place? After all they knew it can display images of naked ladies.
But guess what folks, so does Safari on the iPhone. You just have to
point it to the right direction. Does this mean that browsers will also
get banned from the App Store? Or will people be forced only to browse
certain sites while on the iPhone in order to keep everything proper?
This is a ruthless precedent and starting nowApple can basically deny
access to any browser to the iPhone for whatever reason. After all, any
other browser could be used to browse any sites and display any kind of
content, including sexual.
Or is Apple going to force everyone to use Safari for web browsing and
convince developers that their browser apps will also be denied if they
dare conceive any?
I m sure I m not the only one that s not exactly happy with Apple s
conduct when it comes to the App Store approval process. And no, I wasn
t going to use forChan anyway but the discussion still stands. Apple s
deletion of this particular app is wrong from so many points of view
and, although at the end of the day the App Store is Apple s own
invention, we don t have to agree with everything that happens there!
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