Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Audi Dashboards Getting NVIDIA Tegra Treatment Future Audi Models Getting New Tegra 2 Graphics Processor

This year's Consumer Electronics Show is over, but we still have news
coming from Vegas. In the spotlight today are A
udi and NVIDIA who have announced a partnership for future car models to
use the new Tegra 2 graphics processor to power those stylish dashboards
that get your eyes.
According to the German car maker, starting 2010, all Audi models will
feature a third-generation multimedia interface system along with
technology advances to provide even more sophisticated graphics for the
brand's customers. And that's where the new Tegra 2 processor steps in
for both its GPS offering and basic menu systems. It not only provides
faster, clearer, more specific information, there are also richer than
ever 3D visuals, along with a 10x less power consumption.
This advanced technology allows motorists to get clearer, more
specific information faster to help them navigate to destinations and
points of interest on their journeys. And it delivers information
motorists need in an integrated fashion through their vehicle's systems
further helping them to focus on the road, said Audi in a statement.
For those who were wondering, the 2011 Audi A8 will indeed run on
NVIDIA's processors.
And yes, if anyone over at Audi cares, we're in for a test drive guys.
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