Monday, 28 June 2010

Dell Adding Enterprise OptiPlex XE Desktop New OptiPlex Features Tough Case, Core 2 Duo, ATI graphics

Dell's consumer sales may be waning, but they've always had a strong
business presence and last week, the Texas-based computer maker showed
off their newest creation, a tough new Dell OptiPlex X
E workstation. While it probably isn't strong enough to consider
'rugged', it does meet IP51 standards of water and dust protection.
Dell intends these systems to be used mainly as point-of-purchase
machines, aka, running cash registers in retail situations, but they'll
also sell you these machines if you need a tough desktop in any other
OEM workstation environment. Not only does it have a case that protects
against dust and dripping water, it also has a filtration system that
flirts existing dust out of the case, and can withstand temperatures of
131 degrees (Fahrenheit).
As for the specs, Dell is promoting this device as having a 3.5-year
lifespan (while most enterprise machines have a lifespan of 1.5 years, I
hear) and will continue to offer the same machine and same configuration
for the duration of the lifespan of the device. The standard processor
is the lame Intel Celeron 440 but can be upgraded to the Core 2 Duo
E7400. It features DDR3 RAM that can be maxed out to 8GB. Unfortunately,
Dell is currently offering the machine with only Intel GMA graphics with
ATI Performance Graphics coming soon.
For storage, it can come with any combination of 250GB or 500GB HDDs and
Dell is offering 128 and 160GB SSD drives as well, along with RAID
support. For operating systems, you can order your new workstation with
any flavor of business-aimed Windows, going back to Windows XP
Professional. There are also Linux and DOS options, as well.
Interested? The Dell OptiPlex XE workstation will set you back $709 in
its default configuration and is now shipping.
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