Sunday, 6 June 2010

Chumby Sunfury Tablet Web Browser Device Revealed Chumby Adds The Chumby Sunfury To Its Line Of Personal Internet Viewers

Chumby, the makers of the Chumby personal internet viewer, revealed a
new hardware tablet at CES 2010 called the Chumby Sunfury.ย The Chumby
Sunfury is a 7-inch touchscreen tablet that provides mobile web browsing
and a stream of mobile content from the familiar Chumby widgets.
In contrast to the original Chumby, the Chumby Sunfury drops the playful
image for one that is a bit more serious.ย Where the original Chumby
was curvy, cute and leather-bound, the Chumby Sunfury features a smooth,
black design that is much more tech standard .ย While the image may
have changed, the goal remains the same– to provide basic
web-based entertainment and information with channels of content
including news, games, social media updates and more.
The Chumby Sunfury offers a significant tech upgrade over the original
Chumby.ย The Sunfury features a 7-inch touchscreen display with an
800×480 resolution, optional 1.2 GHz or 800MHz processors, 128MB or
256MB RAM with expandable storage options via microSD and a built-in
accelerometer.ย It'll connect to your home network via 802.11 b/g, but
can also go mobile with an optional 3G connection.ย While the hardware
specs may not appear even netbook-worthy, the Chumby Sunfury is designed
for light web browsing without any significant strain on the unit's CPU.
Release dates or pricing on the Chumby Sunfury are not yet available,
nor is further information about the unit on the Chumby website.ย Stay
tuned, Chumby will likely provide more official details in the months ahead.
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